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Gonzaga Juggernaut Rolls On

GU to Open Conference Play Against Weak Sauce

NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga vs Tennessee Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the holiday festivities were over, when all the presents were opened (and hopefully not returned), all the gifts exchanged (and hopefully not exchanged), just as you were getting used to a life without presents again, out of the maelstrom that is the Christmas holiday (and yes, we know, it’s a day later than normal) comes one last surprise: it’s the latest episode of Free Ira Brown!

In our latest offering, our heroes take a holistic view of the non-conference season. With the first semester of the season (if you will) complete, we hand out grades to the players (spoiler alert: many are high…the grades. The grades are high.) and review our expectations moving forward. Will we lose a game? (Yes, of course we will.) When? What’s the path to a one seed?

Those stories, plus we touch upon the South Dakota romp in the (Riverfront) park, discuss Master Grayson’s inability to stop tripping people and have a not-at-all-awkward moment with Heister. Then we switch gears and look forward to the first two games of the WCC schedule, with a visit from Pepperdine to tip things off and a trip to Pacific on New Year’s Eve.

The crew here at Free Ira Brown has been known to partake in a Star Wars viewing or two, so we also take a moment pay our respects to a Princess, a General, a Hollywood icon and Adam’s friend: the great Carrie Fisher. (OK, kind of Adam’s friend. Well, not really. But it’s a cool story.)

We then finish up with a Top 3 where we say nice things about other teams in the WCC. Gross.

All this and more in the latest packed-to-the-brim-despite-only -one-easy-game episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Help us, dear FIBbers, you’re our only hope!