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FIB Episode 3: And So It Begins . . .

SDSU to provide early test for the Bulldogs.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Hello kind sir/madam, have you ticked the ballot box yet this Election Day? No? Well might I point you in the direction of this here booth, just step right in. There you go. What's that? You don't see any of the usual nominees? Well how about I direct you to this screen, just click the link you go: It's Free Ira Brown!

That's right, dear FIBbers, after months and months of waiting, a seemingly endless string of commercials and debates and arguments, we finally have a game to discuss (well...sorta). In what is surely our most presidential episode to date, the people you voted in as heroes make not-at-all -too-early rash judgments based upon a somewhat dodgy stream of the exhibition game against West Georgia. The boys take a look at who polled well, who played like a hanging chad and what it all means for the country going forward.

Those stories, plus with regular actual games that matter so very close, we look at what Utah Valley will have to over (hint: very little), throw in some bits of news (Villanova at Madison Square Garden in 2017? Yes, please!), we completely ignore the polls (get it?) and we introduce a new betting game we promise we will keep up with the entire season just do not fact check us later on this we swear. Oh yeah, there's also the small matter of that game against San Diego State to preview (don't forget our magic number!).

And finally, we end with a Top 3 election special sure to make friends on all sides of all aisles.
All this and more on Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do cast your vote with us, won't you?