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Gators Gatored, Cyclones Re-Cycled

Free Ira Brown Celebrates another Advocare Championship

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Gonzaga Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

You guys like movies? Here at Free Ira Brown, we love movies. Watch them all the time (when games aren’t on, of course). One of the best things about movies? The supporting actors. The cameos. The people you don’t see coming who completely steal the show.

Which is a long-winded way of saying, lookout Gonzaga world, David Jenne has arrived! In this week’s episode of Free Ira Brown, our heroes welcome Jenne as a guest host as we break down the magical Thanksgiving weekend in the most magical place on earth: Orlando, Florida. The first-round win over Quinnipiac, the semifinal victory against Florida and the battle (and we do mean battle) in the final against Iowa State, Jenne -- who actually was, you know, at the games -- and the boys break it all down. We got your turnovers (ugh), we got your reffing (double ugh), we got your hot shooting (damn, that was sexy), we got your 9-0 all-time in the friendly confines of Walt Disney World.

Those stories, plus we touch upon the polls, take a gander at our friendly RPI, stop in to say hi to Bracketology and a make a quick trip to the Bahamas to check in on the Gonzaga women. We also place our own bets and touch upon the jewel of our non-conference schedule, the game we’ve all been waiting for this year, the epictitanicginourmous clash with Mississippi Valley State. Oh yeah, something something something, game against Arizona, something something.

And last but not least, we finish up with a Top 3 that will undoubtedly hold up against the test of time.

All this and more on the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do make David’s journey into hosting worth it, won’t you?

P.S. You want to be like David and guest host your own episode? Hit up Well…we’re waiting!!