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Apparently schools don’t try to poach Mark Few too much anymore

The Gonzaga head coach sat down with Seth Davis to talk some shop.

NCAA Basketball: San Diego State at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Few recently sat down with Seth Davis in the cleverly titled The Seth Davis Show. The full episode goes live on the internet on Dec. 1, but there are some interesting things in the preview clip that went live on Nov. 29.

The most interesting question comes right out of the gates, where Few says that he isn’t getting called upon much anymore. When Davis asks how many times Few gets calls from other schools, the answer was a bit different than expected.

“Now, not so much anymore. It’s definitely kind of waned as the years have gone by,” Few told Davis.

This is an interesting point in what will most likely be an interesting interview. Few has been constantly linked to most any Power 5 conference opening that appears year in and year out. Every year, the national media tends to wonder if Few is going to leave, with only Gonzaga fans feeling as comfortable as Mark Few does on his desire to stay in Spokane.

A lot has been made fun of for his love of fly-fishing on this blog, but the desire to live and raise his children in Spokane isn’t much to scoff at—it is specifically what has kept Few at Gonzaga while other coaches, such as Brad Stevens, head for theoretically greener pastures elsewhere.

Another quote from the preview should hopefully put it all to rest: “I mean, Gonzaga is who I am.”

Granted, Few, in classic Few fashion, doesn’t give the absolute NO I WON’T LEAVE. But this is to be expected, the man is always playing the role of the diplomat. At either rate, the preview is tantalizing enough that the whole interview should be considered time well spent.