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Breakdown of Women's Basketball FanFest

Lisa Fortier pointed out that seven of the thirteen players on the roster have either never played for the Zags, or sat out last season due to injury.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The blue team was made up of Jill Barta, Elle Tinkle, Grace Collett, Jessie Loera, Makenlee Williams, Zhane Templeton (1st half), and Chandler Smith (2nd half). The white team was made up of Kiara Kudron, Laura Stockton, Emma Stach, Zykera Rice, Chandler Smith (1st half), Zhane Templeton (2nd half), and Corryn Douglas.

Corryn Douglas

Did not play

Jessie Loera

Loera was impressive today. She will have to get used to being the smallest player on the court, but fans got to see her ball handling skills today as she led the blue team to a victory as their point guard. She also showed very high intensity and extreme hustle. Fans got to see her pushing the tempo and flying out of bounds to save a lose ball.

Grace Collett

Collett looked slightly out of it today, and that is most likely attributed to the fact that all of these plays and defenses are new to her. She did get a block today, and once she gets used to the system at Gonzaga she will be a big presence in the paint.

Zykera Rice

Rice did not get a whole lot of experience with the Zags last season, but fans got to see her knocking down threes in the knockout competition as well as skying for rebounds and blocks. Rice's hustle will be a huge factor this season.

Zhane Templeton

Templeton switched teams partway through the game, but fans saw exactly what they could expect from her. She hustled, she got steals, and she played good defense. Although she was not knocking down shots like most fans are used to seeing, we can expect her to knock down plenty of shots once season starts.

Laura Stockton

Stockton facilitated the offense very well today. She was confident with the ball, passed extremely well, and saw the court very well. Fans saw a very confident Stockton today and can expect a whole lot more of that from her this season as she steps into the starting point guard role. Laura got to the basket well and took her open shots which will continue to be a theme all season.

Chandler Smith

Smith is a new face for the Zags as she never saw a minute of court time last season. After sitting out her transfer season, Smith stepped into todays scrimmage with the tough task of guarding Elle Tinkle, and she was extremely successful. Smith shut Tinkle down and played outstanding defense before she switched teams. After the switch Smith played point guard for the blue team and looked very smooth and confident.

Jill Barta

Barta started out just where she left off last season. She was blocking shots, knocking down threes, and getting to the basket. Fans got to see a more confident Barta who stepped up her defensive game in the offseason. For a player who was all offense last season, Barta came out and showed everyone that she is now a more well-rounded player. She led all players with 14 points, but she also racked up five fouls.

Emma Stach

Stach started off the day with a bang coming in second in the three point contest by one point. Stach then continued to knock down shots and lock down on her opponents on the defensive end. Look for Stach to be a glue type player for the Zags this season.

Emma Wolfram

Did not play

Makenlee Williams

Williams showed everyone that she is a three point star. She won the last two three point contests and she rarely missed. In the scrimmage Williams continued to knock down threes. This will be the theme all season for the transfer.

Kiara Kudron

Fans finally got to see what looks like a fully healthy Kudron today. After battling through many injuries last season, Kudron came out firing today. She won the knockout contest before pulling down rebound after rebound in the scrimmage. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Kudron today was her ability to run the floor and beat everyone to the other end for easy fast break points.

Elle Tinkle

Tinkle finally returned to the court and looked like her old self. She was throwing her body all over the place, falling on the ground, and knocking down shots. Elle was rather quiet on the offensive end, which I attribute to the fact that Smith played lock down defense on her. Tinkle also broke up a bunch of passes and got three steals that led to points on the other end. Look for Tinkle to continue where she left off last season.

If the Zags can pull together, this season will be a good one.