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Free Ira Brown on Karnowski, Scary Conference Games and The Best GU Big Men

Episode 12: Bay City Scares

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new year and a new episode of Free Ira Brown! In our latest episode (Season 2, Episode 12), our heroes react to what we all feared: our Huge Piece is out for the rest of the season after surgery on his back. What does Karnowski's confirmed absence mean for the rest of 2016? How does it affect our expectations of the team? What is the team's ceiling? Will he try for a medical red shirt and come back another year? Please come back another year. Please.

Those stories, plus we take a look at our most recent projected seed in the latest bracketology update and review the bum-clenching win over Santa Clara and the don't-tell-LL-but-this-was-most-certainly-a-comeback victory in the house of horrors that is War Memorial Gym in San Francisco. We also hop in the Texting Time Machine, preview this weekend's lone game at home to Portland (spoiler alert: they're not particularly good) and, in honor of our fallen towarzysz, we have a really big Top 3.

All this and more in the latest episode of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do join us. Don't be a głupek.