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Breaking down the tape on Gonzaga's Dynamic Duo

The frontcourt duo of Kyle Wiltjer and Domantas Sabonis is one of the most entertaining to watch in college basketball.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Following the game at USF in which Domas and Kyle combined for a gaudy 65 points on a combined 24-33 shooting, I considered the question whether they were the greatest duo we've seen in recent memory.

Thanks to the talents of Kyle and Domas, the Zags are able to run a wide array of offensive sets, and a pretty sweet two-man game with their 4 and 5. This is a unique luxury few teams can afford, and presents an interesting set of problems for opposing defenses.

Our high-low game is made much easier thanks to the threat both Kyle and Domas pose from extended range. This helps create space for the entry pass as the defense can't sag off the passer.

Here, the initial option is to immediately dump the ball into the post to Kyle, but the entry pass is taken away as he's shaded by two defenders. Bryan Alberts passes off to Domas at the top and they initiate a continuity pick-and-roll with Domas rolling to the low block. The roll option is taken away, but the ball goes to E-Mac for an entry pass to Domas. However, the Vols essentially form a wall to deny the pass inside. Recognizing this, Kyle moves from his position at the opposite block to the high post (in his case the 3-pt line because his range is infinite), which forces the defense to extend itself and abandon fronting Domas. This creates the necessary angle to get an easy entry pass into Domas and prompts a shooting foul by Tennessee.

The Zags can also run a legitimate PnR with Domas and Kyle since teams have to respect their shots and ability to drive the ball to the rim. This gives both guys the luxury of receiving a quality screen from a fellow big-man, an underrated aspect of running a two-man game with their 4/5.

Kyle and Domas aren't just lethal scorers, they are also adept passers. Both guys command so much attention from defenses; and when one initiates a post move, defenders can simply lose track of the other in their haste to collapse on the ball.

The Zags front court puzzle was the biggest topic of discussion before the start of the season. Unfortunately, the loss of Przemek for the season ended the conversation on how to fit the three bigs' talents together. While the defense has struggled since Shem went down, we've seen the Kyle-Domas (Komas???) duo evolve to new heights as their offensive talents have been unleashed to devastating results.