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Gonzaga vs. Pacific: Community player ratings

Thank God for Wiltjer.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga beat Pacific 71-61 on Saturday. The Bulldogs had their hands full, with Pacific playing a really gritty, physical game. If not for Wiltjer scoring 8 unanswered points late in the second half, we'd be having a very different conversation in Zagland.

On to the ratings!

Here's how it works:

A few days after this post, we'll compile all of the results of the ratings, and post them in another post. As the season goes along, we'll be compiling average player ratings, and listing their ratings by game, so you can see player rating trends and such.


  • 10: Professional level play
  • 9: Very good
  • 8: Good
  • 7: Above Average
  • 6: Average
  • 5: Below Average
  • 4: Bad
  • 3: Very bad
  • 2: Abysmal
  • 1: I don't know what this would look like. Hopefully no one will earn this rating.

Now that all the technicalities are out of the way, it's time to do the ratings!