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Free Ira Brown Looks at the Cougars

Decides to Punch Faces

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Ground Control to Ira Brown. Come in, Ira Brown. Time to set you free.
Roger that...hey everyone, it's time for the latest iteration of Free Ira Brown (Season 2, Episode 13)! In our newest offering, our Heroes use their Sound & Vision to poke a bit of fun at the paper tigers that are the G*els of Saint M*ry's (Cat People if ever their were some), recap the relatively stress-free victory over Portland and take a look at the most recent Changes to the polls/bracketology.
Those stories, plus we get a Look Back In Anger from Pessimard, we size up the Scary Monsters from Salt Lake City, the less-than-scary Toreros of San Diego and, with the NFL in full playoff mode, we step outside the college basketball world to name our Top 3 NFL Playoff moments.
All this and more in the little Space Oddity that is Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Do like All The Young Dudes and tune in, won't you?