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Handing out your 2015 Slipper Still Fits comment awards

There was a lot of good discussion on the blog last year.

We spent many a Thursday and Saturday nights making beer checks and arguing/praising the direction of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. There was a long offseason pause, but the ups and downs of this year have made the discussions even more heated, and in some cases, better.

In case you were interested, here are the numbers pulled from the blog from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015.

First up, winner of the most FanPosts: bmd23red--asking all the hard hitting questions and provoking discussion day in and day out.

01. bmd23red 40
02. zurfluha 11
03. FreeIraBrown 11
04. 1AndDone 11
05. Zag-tastic 6
06. boudges 6
07. CaptZagNazty!!!!!1Heyohhh 5
08. Iancredible 5
09. agedude 4
10. mattzag72 4

Next up, the most FanShots, which we as a blog don't use very much (except for me I guess).

01. Peter Woodburn 31
02. indiana, our indiana 2
03. gaz-tastic 2
04. Palestra Back 2
05. bball bebop 2
06. Reignbird 1
07. zag62 1
08. FreeIraBrown 1
09. boudges 1
10. wesolint 1

And now, the big drumroll. Congratulations to a96zag for the most comments on the blog this season by a couple of hundred. Also, thanks to everyone for posting so much so I didn't have to type shinobi1011 here.

01. a96zag 1666
02. idfan 1425
03. steverino9 1260
04. ZagFanSince84 1229
05. the zagnut 911
06. BigDirty 869
07. mattzag72 868
08. CoachCrazy 854
09. Oldzagfan 825
10. 23dpg 752

Thanks to everyone for participating in the site, both in its old form under Zach's and Max's leadership and now under my guidance. The blog is only as good as the conversations that we have, and we definitely have some good ones.

So crack those knuckles. Ease those creaky joints. We have a lot more typing ahead of us in 2016.