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Battle 4 Atlantis Likes Rivalries: Zags Vs. Huskies

The Zags and Huskies will face off in the opening round of the Battle 4 Atlantis

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Is it really a rivalry when one team dominated a series so badly that the opponent stopped playing them? That is a debate for another day, as the Battle 4 Atlantis decided to throw the state of Washington into a fit with the announcement that Gonzaga and Washington will face off in the first round of the tournament in November.

The Zags and Huskies were scheduled to being their series in 2016 in a more traditional format. However, rumors had been flying for the past month that the two programs might meet prior to then. Now that it's official, it will be fun to see the two fan bases spend the next four months getting fired up for this game.

The winner of the GU vs. UW matchup will take on either Texas or Texas A&M in the next round, as the tournament organizers decided to have another great in-state matchup.