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Billy Grier Lands At Oklahoma St.

The former Gonzaga assistant joins the staff in Stillwater

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In recent years, the annual matchup between USD and Gonzaga was uncomfortable parties. Billy Grier, one of the key architects of the Gonzaga program that exists today, went from being an assistant in Spokane to the head coach in San Diego. Due to his familiarity with every aspect of the program, a game that probably should have been a blow out, routinely went down to the final seconds.

Unfortunately, Grier never was able to capture the momentum he created during his first season in San Diego, when he led the Toreros to the NCAA Tournament and a victory over UConn in the opening round. Grier was fired at the end of last season, after eight years as the head coach. However, his next step was recently revealed, as he was joined the staff of Travis Ford at Oklahoma St. This could be a great fit for Grier, as he has the tactical acumen to really have a strong impact on the Cowboys, who typically have elite talent that doesn't necessarily translate to success on the court.