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Johnathan Williams Talks Gonzaga Commitment

The talented PF explained his decision to commit to Gonzaga

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend, Gonzaga became one step closer to wrapping up its 2015 recruiting class when it secured a commitment from highly coveted forward, Johnathan Williams. The talented PF, who transferred from Missouri, had narrowed his choices down to SMU, Georgetown and Gonzaga before making his decision on Saturday.

When it came down to it, the history of player development at Gonzaga was too much for the skilled big man to pass on.

"They are really big on developing their players, especially the guys that play the 4 and 5," Williams explained. "I felt what they did the past couple of years with Kelly and Kyle, they really helped make them become great. They also make it to the tournament every year. I feel like Gonzaga is really become a big program. They were already big, but now they are becoming great, and it is only going to continue to get better and better each year."

Naturally, the coaching staff was quite excited to hear that Johnathan had made the decision to continue his career in Spokane.

"They were really excited," explained the newest Zag. " They think they can help me improve and become a great player. I can shoot and rebound at a very high level, and the things they can help me with are building up my offensive skill and it can help me max out as a player. Once I reach that level, they think I can do some really good things here.  With their system, I feel like they can help me out and will push me everyday, just like I will push myself. They also have the facts to back it up."

The next year will be crucial for Williams, as he will spend it working to improve every facet of his game.

" I want to get my strength up to where I want it to be," he explained. "I also want to get a more consistent 3-point shot, and increase my field goal percentage at the rim. It's just about becoming a more complete basketball player."

A huge advantage for Williams will be the fact that he will have another successful player with him during his redshirt year.

"We both have had great success individually, but we just haven't had the wins behind it," Williams said of he and Nigel Williams-Goss. " I feel like with us being on the same schedule with the redshirt, we can push each other to max out our potential. When we don't feel like going to the gym, we can push each other together. It's better being able to have the next year working together with somebody."