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Part 2: Nigel-Williams Goss Talks About His Upcoming Redshirt Year

What areas of his game will the incoming guard really focus on during his redshirt year?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

During our conversation with the newest member of the Gonzaga program, Nigel Williams-Goss, we also focused on his upcoming redshirt year and how important that development year will be. If you missed the first part of our series, click here to read about what the key factors that were that led to his commitment.

When he becomes eligible in 2016, Williams-Goss will be joining arguably the most versatile backcourt group that Gonzaga has ever had. According to the talented guard, the common factor between all of the guys is what will make the group so special.

"I think we will all mesh really well," said the former Findlay Prep star. "I think Coach Few recruits a certain type of player. They are high character and unselfish. When you have the talent level of the guards we have, and combine it with the IQ, it can be special. The basketball IQ is what separates the great teams from the talented teams."

The track record that Gonzaga has with developing guys during their redshirt year was on full display for Williams-Goss on his visit.

"It's funny, because I've known Kyle (Wiltjer) for pretty much my whole life with both of us being from Portland," he said with a laugh. "He had nothing but great things to say about his individual program he went through during his redshirt year. Everything Coach Few and Coach Travis told me was great, but when you have the players there to back it up, the proof is really in the pudding."

With the upcoming year off, the former UW guard already is focused on what he wants to improve.

"I'm definitely going to have a full year to get stronger and work on my body. I want to continue to work on my jump shot as I struggled a bit shooting this year, but I think that is something I will improve. The two big things are working on my body and my jump shot."

The ability to shoot from the perimeter is a staple for guards in the Gonzaga system, and Williams-Goss is sure that is a place he will shine.

"I've always been a very good shooter," said the former McDonald's All-American three-point champion. "The beginning of this past season, I started off slow with my shot and I started overthinking things. I even started taking less shots, like only two three's a game. For me it was really just a mental thing. Getting back in the gym, I know that preparation builds confidence."