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Kevin Pangos Gives His Take On The Future At Gonzaga

The former Gonzaga guard talks his future, as well as the future of Gonzaga.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After looking back at his legendary career, we also wanted to look forward with Kevin. Along with discussing his current training for upcoming NBA visits, the former Gonzaga great also gave us a quick breakdown of some of the young talent on the roster (editor's note: this interview was conducted prior to Kevin's trips to Phoenix and LA for workouts)

While there are big shoes to fill with the graduation of Pangos, Bell and Wesley, the future looks increasingly bright for the Zags.

"I think Josh is going to be an unbelievable point guard, but he is going to be great in his own way," he revealed. "That group of guys is really talented and skilled. They will be fun to watch and they can all put the ball in the basket. They can do some great things on the court and all three of them are very different, but they all understand the game and have tremendous skill."

Since graduating, Pangos has been training in Chicago and focused on getting ready for a long string of NBA workouts.

"We usually workout for about 2-3 hours every morning. Then we do a weight workout in the afternoon. The rest of the time is open for recovery and replenishing. It's about 3-4 hours every single day. It's demanding, but I'm just excited for the upcoming opportunity with the team workouts."

Those workouts kick off next week with a visit to two teams in the Western Conference.

"I'm starting out with the Lakers and Phoenix next week," he revealed. "After that, I have about six or seven more setup, but I'm not sure of the order. In total, I will probably have 10-12 workouts in the next month."

Lastly, we turned the floor over to Kevin and asked if he had anything he wanted to tell Gonzaga fans as he looks back on the past four years.

"I'd just want to thank them for all their support for the past four years and for just making Gonzaga so special for what it is. We always felt the support for the basketball program and the way the community supports the school. I would just say there is something about Gonzaga that makes people always want to go back. That's what makes it so special. For the basketball team, I'm just hoping these guys are the first group to get Gonzaga to the Final Four and I can't wait to watch them play. "