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Gonzaga basketball success inspires $5 million gift to university

The Bulldogs' success on the hardwood continues to revolutionize the university

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Basically every time I speak about Gonzaga and why I decided to go to school up in Spokane, Washington, I just say "well, I loved their basketball team and then I went up there and fell in love with the campus".  If you took a poll on the current study body - particularly those like me that are from out of state - I would guess you would see a large majority of people that had a similar story to mine.

While the university has excelled in a number of ways outside of the McCarthey Athletic Center, there is no denying the astounding impact that athletics has had on the university.  The enrollment at the university has never been higher, new buildings and dorms are sprouting out of the ground basically every year, and the overall momentum of the university can't be stopped.

Yesterday, Gonzaga publicized the fact that university has received yet another large donation that was inspired by basketball success by both the men's and women's teams.  The gift is from a family that wishes to remain anonymous and it is in the amount of $5 million.  Here's more from the press release:

The gift, which is intended to support basketball performance and training, is being given in view of a plan to expand facilities that will serve the needs of all Gonzaga student-athletes. These would include the development of an Athletic Hall of Fame, additional practice and training areas, and an expansion of student-athlete support services.

"We are deeply grateful for the generosity of this family, and for their desire to support the continued success of Gonzaga's basketball program and our student-athletes. Their example is an inspiration to all of us, and we look forward to realizing the vision that is at the heart of their gift," said Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloh.

On behalf of all those that love Gonzaga University, thanks to this anonymous donor for such an insanely generous gift!