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Gonzaga takes down Iowa and Mark Few does a handstand

Wait, what?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

You could have asked me this morning "hey, Zach, what has higher odds of happening? We land on Mars and find other people just hanging out or Mark Few does a handstand in the locker room after the Gonzaga game tonight" and I would have absolutely said Mars.  I mean, there has to be life somewhere and I've only ever seen Mark Few do two things: coach basketball and catch fish.

Well...I would have been wrong:

This video, ladies and gentlemen, may be the most endearing visual of a man that has defined Gonzaga basketball.  This video is also evidence of a man that might just be getting the monkey off his back.

I won't stop watching this until Friday and this may be posted somewhere on the site so we can also go back and watch.

Carry on.