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Gonzaga drops to No. 7 in both polls.

After the loss to BYU, the Zags are no longer a top five team.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The question on this Monday morning was always how far Gonzaga would drop in the polls following Saturday's loss to BYU. The answer, a halfway decent amount, as the Bulldogs tumbled down to No. 7 in both polls.

Gonzaga will go into the WCC Tournament with its third highest ranking in the past decade. The rolling waves of the top teams in the league have been pretty volatile all season. While Kentucky has remained the clear cut No. 1 team throughout the entirety of the season, the common consensus is that teams two through seven can each take each other to the wire any day of the week.

What that means? Good luck with your brackets this year folks.

Here is the full rankings of both polls.

AP Coaches
1 Kentucky 1 Kentucky
2 Virginia 2 Virginia
3 Duke 3 Duke
4 Villanova 4 Villanova
5 Arizona 5 Wisconsin
6 Wisconsin 6 Arizona
7 Gonzaga 7 Gonzaga
8 Wichita State 8 Wichita State
9 Kansas 9 Maryland
10 Maryland 10 Kansas
11 Northern Iowa 11 Notre Dame
12 Notre Dame 12 Northern Iowa
13 Utah 13 Utah
14 Baylor 14 Louisville
15 Oklahoma 15 Oklahoma
16 Louisville 16 Baylor
17 Iowa State 17 Iowa State
18 Arkansas 18 Arkansas
19 North Carolina 19 North Carolina
20 West Virginia 20 West Virginia
21 Butler 21 Butler
22 SMU 22 SMU
23 Ohio State 23 Providence
24 Providence 24 Murray State
25 Murray State 25 Ohio State