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Photo Gallery: Gonzaga hits Key Arena for practice, chats with media

The Zags are in Seattle and we have the photos to prove it...

We are quickly approaching the start of the 2015 NCAA Tournament for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. With the insanity that has been the South bracket (and this whole tournament, to be honest), it is another reminder of just how fickle the tournament can be. No one game or play showed that more clearly than SMU's gut wrenching loss to UCLA on an extremely debatable goaltending call.

All that craziness amounts to Gonzaga no longer having to go through Iowa State or SMU to get to the Final 4. Both those favorites were eliminated today in wild contests. Today, the Zags hit the floor at Key Arena to practice on the floor they will compete on this weekend and also answered questions from the media.

We'll work on getting some audio or transcripts from the media sessions but, for now, enjoy these photos from today's events. Less than 24 hours until tip time for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.