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NCAA Tournament 2015: South region starts the madness as Iowa State falls to UAB

The Big 12 champions were punished by UAB on the glass and are the first upset of the young tournament...

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched the whole game and still love basketball, you are a diehard fan of the sport.  Iowa State and UAB combined to shoot 134 shots today and made just 48.  That is a woeful 36% combined shooting in the game.  The defining stat of the game was UAB's 52 (yes, 52!) rebounds which included 19 offensive boards.  UAB rode the glass to the first massive upset of the tournament as they took down the Cyclones, 60-59.

Iowa State's leader, Georges Niang, was unable to ever get going for Fred Hoiberg's team as he was 4-15 from the floor with 11 points.  On the other side, UAB's Robert Brown scored 21 points on 7-19 shooting from the floor and hit the biggest shot of the game - a three pointer to give the Blazers a 56-55 lead with just a minute left.

Obviously, this game has huge ramifications for the Bulldogs.  Iowa State was a very trendy pick to make it to the Final 4 from the South bracket and this loss majorly boosts the Zags and Duke's chances to go to Indianapolis.  Obviously there is a ton of basketball left before worrying about this result but this is an early March gift for Gonzaga.