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Thanks a lot, Obama: President releases picks, takes Davidson over Gonzaga

So there's that, which is nice...

Alex Wong/Getty Images

If the President has it his way, it will be another round of 32 exit for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  As he does every year, Barack Obama released his tournament picks today and it is extremely chalk aside from one large upset:

No. 10 Davidson over No. 2 Gonzaga

These kind of Obama moments remind me of my favorites memes:

In truth, I don't much care about the President's picks but I found it funny that he has the Zags with such an early exit when it seems like this Bulldogs team is starting to become a trendy pick.  For instance, Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio this morning both had the Bulldogs advancing to the title game.

At the end of the day, Obama will likely be like most other Americans and rip his bracket into a thousand little pieces but I found it humorous that the Zags getting ousted was his one major upset.

By the way, and it may have been stupid to post this, but keep all political arguments and banter off the site.  They'll be removed, anyways so just don't do it.

Rather than political banter, post your favorite "Thanks, Obama" memes here!