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2015 NCAA Tournament: Get your printable bracket now

The bracket is out. Go nuts.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It is that best time of the year, the time where we give up everything at work and just start mulling over upset picks and Final Four runs. It is time to fill out that NCAA Tournament bracket.

The top four seeds are Kentucky, Villanova, Duke and Wisconsin. Gonzaga snared a No. 2 seed alongside Virginia, Kansas and Arizona. First look at the bracket, there are some questionable marks from the committee. The mid-major conferences (Wichita State and Northern Iowa) look a bit under-seeded and I will join the nation-wide chorus of wondering what the hell UCLA is even doing in the field.

But alas, that is the madness that is already beginning. SB Nation provides a printable bracket to suit all of your needs. So download it, print it, fill it out multiple times (use pencil) and get that thing on the wall. The best time of the year is officially here.

Download your printable bracket here.