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Postgame: Gonzaga gets its revenge and wins the West Coast Conference Tournament


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into tonight's West Coast Conference Championship game, we all knew that it would be a wildly exciting matchup.  BYU and Gonzaga have, for the past couple years, been two of the most exciting offensive clubs in the country.  This one lived up to that hype and, for Gonzaga fans, exceeded it as the Bulldogs defeated the Cougars and collected another WCC crown.  Quick thoughts:

- What a win.  BYU NEEDED this game to secure a bid and is likely on the wrong side of the bubble now.  Gonzaga took their best punch and rejected the Cougars.  That was a full 40 minutes.

- Gary Bell and Kyle Dranginis.  No words.  Defensively they shut Tyler Haws down as much as one can expect Haws to be shut down.  Both were equally solid on offense as they combined for 23 points tonight.

- Gonzaga's post game and the coaching staff for not letting BYU dictate how this game was played.  Kyle Wiltjer, Przemek Karnowski, and Domantas Sabonis were outstanding and Mark Few elected to stick with their strengths and pound BYU relentlessly.  Sure, the fouls amassed on BYU but that was a function of Gonzaga forcing its will on BYU.  The trio collectively had 45 points and 20 boards.

Another WCC crown.  32-2 record. What a season.