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No number one seed, no problem

The loss to BYU basically ensured Gonzaga isn't getting a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but does that really matter at all?

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga's loss against BYU last night had two separate consequences: 1) BYU is most likely in the NCAA Tournament with the signature win it was seeking; 2) Gonzaga most likely won't have a top seed come Selection Sunday.

As for the first part of it, good for BYU. The Cougars are an entertaining team and should be fun to watch in March. As for the second part of it, I'm not sure I'm too worried.

First off, there was no real guarantee that the Zags were going to take the No. 1 seed over other teams anyway. Kentucky, Virginia and Duke all seemed locked into that top line, and there were a lot of teams playing for keeps to garner that fourth No. 1 seed. Arizona has been storming lately and Villanova has more than enough ammunition to make the case.

As Zach posted last night, Gonzaga hadn't really strung together 40 consecutive minutes of quality basketball in some time, so maybe this loss was what the doctor ordered. According to Myron Medcalf, Joe Lunardi's latest bracketology has Gonzaga sitting as the No. 2 seed in the West, essentially swapping spots with Arizona.

It is a bummer, but it also isn't the end of the world. If we are talking how No. 1 seeds fare in the NCAA Tournament, realistically it isn't much better than how No. 2 seeds fare in the NCAA Tournament. As the tournament progresses, the distinction between the seeds gets less obvious. In the past 10 years, of the 40 teams that played in the Final Four, 14 of those were No. 1 seeds. In those same past 10 years, eight of those 40 teams were No. 2 seeds.

Right off the bat, that seems like a pretty big distinction. But if you take out 2008, where all four No. 1 seeds made the Final Four, it gets a bit closer. In fact, if you go back throughout the NCAA Tournament, more often than not there is a No. 2 seeded team in the Final Four.

The point of all of this is that regardless of whatever seed Gonzaga is going to get, the Bulldogs still need to prove that they can go deep into March. Losing to BYU on Saturday night isn't proof that they can't. All it means is that we, as a fanbase, won't have to insufferably sit through weeks of talking about how we don't deserve that No. 1 seed. Gonzaga did the dirty work for the committee, and now the "my school got screwed out of the top line" discussion can go to some other school.