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Cunliffe Talks Memphis Visit And Recruiting

The 2016 Combo Guard Took An Unofficial Visit For The Memphis Game

In its big win over Memphis, Gonzaga hosted a handful of key recruits. One of the top prospects to attend the game was actually a local recruit, as key 2016 combo guard target, Sam Cunliffe, made the drive over from Seattle for an unofficial visit.

This was the first game that Cunliffe has attended at Gonzaga and he came away very impressed by the entire experience.

"I got there at about five and checked into the hotel," Cunliffe explained. "After that I went straight to the gym. Just seeing the whole game experience from beginning to end was great. I got the full experience for gameday. It was good to be there early and the fans were just ridiculous."

While Cunliffe and his family were able to attend the Battle in Seattle, going to game on campus was much a different experience.

"It's 100% different," the Bishop Blanchet star said with a laugh. "It was crazy in The Kennel the whole time You can tell that the experience at Gonzaga is special and different from other places."

During the game, the 2016 combo guard was focused on the team and the coaching staff.

"If you would have looked at me sitting there in the crowd, you'd be thinking that kid doesn't care what is happening," said Cunliffe. "I was just watching Coach Few and noticing how he and the team reacted to everything. I was kind of really taking in the whole experience."

Coming out of the visit, Cunliffe is starting to get more focused on the whole recruiting process.

"At this point, I have a lot of different schools coming after me. I want to go somewhere that is best for me to develop my character and develop as a basketball player. Out of all the schools that are recruiting me right now, Gonzaga is in the top two and I can say they will remain in that top group until the end."

The next step for the Bishop Blanchet star in his recruitment is looking to identify potential official visits.

"You want to go somewhere that you are loved," Cunliffe explained. "Right now, it doesn't matter if Kentucky told me I can come in and start, because Gonzaga has treated me amazing everyday. It's about the sincerity they show. I don't know if I am going to visit anywhere else, but I know I will take a visit to Gonzaga. I think I want to take it for a non-conference game next year."