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Postgame Thread: Gonzaga storms back to take down Saint Mary's

The Zags collect another WCC regular season title...

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

This will be pretty much an open thread as this game has thrown me for a serious loop.

Gonzaga, which looked like a collective deer in the headlights during the entire first half, somehow came back to win at the McKeon Pavilion over Saint Mary's.  A few thoughts:

- KYLE WILTJER! Goes from complete goat to absolute hero.  Wiltjer viritually slept through the entire first half, wound up riding the bench to start the 2nd half, and then came back in to absolutely stream roll Saint Mary's.  He hit a couple huge post shots, pulled in some key boards, and was downright fiery at the end.

- PRESSURE D! There were a number of turning points for this team but putting pressure on Aaron Bright and Kerry Carter in the second half was crucial.  Those two proved to struggle with the press and that led to some rushed shots which allowed the Zags to creep back in.

- Byron Wesley. Wow. Wow. Wow.  If anyone ever asks why does Wesley play over McClellan or Dranginis or whoever, show the second half.  Two monstrous, and I mean game-defining offensive boards in the second half were key in this comeback.  He was the silent player of the game.

What else stood out to you? GO ZAGS!