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Poll watch: After Virginia loses, Gonzaga climbs up to number two

The world celebrates and freaks out all at the same time.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Gonzaga Bulldogs moved up one spot to No. 2 in both the latest top-25 rankings from the AP and the coaches.

But in this harsh reality of poll watching and ranking, a loss at the top, even if it is a loss to a top-five team, is enough to send the mighty tumbling. Those that keep on winning the games just rise to the top.

The Bulldogs had the opportunity to rise up one spot thanks to a Virginia loss at home against Duke, a loss that also turned the Kentucky Wildcats into the only unbeaten team in the nation. Virginia wasn't the only casualty in the top-10, however. A couple of days after beating Duke, Notre Dame went on the road to Pittsburgh and lost.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs kept on charging. Gonzaga dispatched Portland and then had its way with the Memphis Tigers last week. Still, the concept of the Bulldogs being ranked No. 2 is brain exploding for some people despite the fact that the Zags have been ranked in the top-five for a healthy chunk of the season now.

On any given day, the Bulldogs can definitely hang with the best of the best. The second-best team in the nation? Maybe, or maybe not. At the end of the day it is just a number.

AP Coaches
1 Kentucky (65) 1 Kentucky (31)
2 Gonzaga 2 Gonzaga (1)
3 Virginia 3 Virginia
4 Duke 4 Wisconsin
5 Wisconsin 5 Duke
6 Arizona 6 Arizona
7 Villanova 7 Villanova
8 Kansas 8 Louisville
9 Louisville 9 Kansas
10 Notre Dame 10 Notre Dame
11 Iowa State 11 Utah
12 North Carolina 12 West Virginia


13 North Carolina
14 Northern Iowa 14 Iowa State
15 West Virginia 15 Northern Iowa
16 Wichita State 16 Maryland
17 Maryland 17 Wichita State
18 VCU 18 VCU
19 Baylor 19 Baylor
20 Ohio State 20 Ohio State
21 Oklahoma 21 Oklahoma
22 Butler 22 Butler
23 SMU 23 SMU
24 Georgetown 24 Georgetown
25 Texas 25 Indiana