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Poll Watch: Gonzaga still the second or best third team in the nation

The Zags held strong at No. 2 in the eyes of the coaches and stayed at No. 3 in the eyes of the AP voters.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Another couple of wins in the week allowed Gonzaga to maintain their holding in the polls, and depending on who you ask, the Bulldogs are either the second best or third best team in the nation.

Gonzaga remained at No. 2 in the coaches poll and are still getting a vote of borderline lunacy from a coach who thinks the team is better than the Kentucky Wildcats. The AP voters still slot Virginia and Kentucky ahead of the Bulldogs.

Arizona, a potential threat to a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, sits at No. 7. SMU sits at No. 21, to round out the other teams that Gonzaga fans might care about.

Perhaps, most importantly, one of the rankings the Gonzaga Bulldogs dropped in last week are the Ken Pomeroy rankings. Although the committee doesn't use Pomeroy's rankings in their discussion, they are often a well thought idea of where a team actually sits in how good it is. Gonzaga dropped to No. 4 in Pomeroy's rankings at the beginning of the month, and, as of this morning, now sit at No. 5.

AP Coaches
1 Kentucky (65) 1 Kentucky (31)
2 Virginia 2 Gonzaga (1)
3 Gonzaga 3 Virginia
4 Duke 4 Wisconsin
5 Wisconsin 5 Duke
6 Villanova 6 Villanova
7 Arizona 7 Arizona
8 Kansas 8 Kansas
9 Utah 9 Utah
10 Notre Dame 10 Notre Dame
11 Northern Iowa 11 Northern Iowa
12 Louisville 12 Louisville
13 Wichita State 13 Wichita State
14 Iowa State 14 Iowa State
15 North Carolina 15 Maryland
16 Maryland 16 North Carolina
17 Oklahoma 17 Arkansas
18 Arkansas 17 Oklahoma
19 Butler 19 Butler
20 Baylor 20 Baylor
21 SMU 21 SMU
22 Oklahoma State 22 West Virginia
23 West Virginia 23 Ohio State
24 Ohio State 24 Oklahoma State
25 VCU 25 San Diego State