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Gonzaga vs. Tennessee: Open game thread

Tip off is at 8:00 pm PT

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga is back in Seattle for its last game before opening WCC play, playing "host" to the Tennessee Volunteers in what will be a much needed exclamation point on the the Zags non-conference schedule.

After dropping games to Texas A&M, UCLA and Arizona, Gonzaga's non-conference RPI wins look a bit thin. The win over Connecticut is a solid plus, and we will see how Washington shapes up in Pac-12 play. Tennessee still isn't quite there, but they are a decent team from a major conference. A win here will help pad the resume a bit.

We talked with Rocky Top Talk to find out how Tennessee fans feel about Bruce Pearl. If you need a reminder on how to watch this game, click here.

Most importantly, find your way down into the comments section of this gamethread and lets hang out. If you are new to the site, create a user, and join in. I promise you will have some fun.

Even more importantly, go Zags.