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Przemek Karnowski Injury: "It's not progressing well at all"

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700ESPN snagged Mark Few after the end of the game yesterday.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Sounds like the Gonzaga Bulldogs are going to have to get used to life without Przemek Karnowski for the foreseeable future. 700ESPN was able to get some answers out of coach Mark Few, and like Few usually does, he didn't splice too many hairs about the issue.

Karnowski last saw time on the court against Connecticut, and has been sidelined with a back issue ever since. Coach Few called it more a bulging disc issue, and said that the only improvement is that the pain isn't in his legs anymore. But he also said that Karnowski has trouble even sitting at games and has no mobility.

In short, it is going to be a really long time until we see Karnowski again.

In his absence, Domantas Sabonis has really stepped up to the challenge, averaging 16.4 points and 12 rebounds since Karnowski sat down. This also means we will probably start to see a bit more of Ryan Edwards, who will have to do some growing up fast.

Theoretically, if Karnowski were to be out for the rest of the season, he could probably receive a medical redshirt, since he will have appeared in less than 30 percent of Gonzaga's games this season. Medical redshirts are applied for after the season is over, however.