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Gonzaga vs. Saint Martin's: Open game thread

Thanks goodness we have an easy team for once.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, a game against a D-II school this late into the schedule would make Mark Few's eyebrows rise. However, if there was ever a team that needed a tune-up game, it would be the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Two home losses (and nearly three) in three games has sent the Zags reeling out of the top 25 rankings and leaving many wondering what is going on.

Sometimes, teams need breaks. One of those is coming up soon. Other times, teams needed confidence boosting wins over lesser opponents. Hopefully, that is coming up tonight.

Most importantly, find your way down into the comments section of this gamethread and lets hang out. If you are new to the site, create a user, and join in. I promise you will have some fun.

Even more importantly, go Zags.