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Gonzaga vs. Eastern Oregon: Open gamethread


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Well gang, we made it. We went from an Elite Eight appearance, to wondering if our entire front line was going to declare for the NBA Draft, to those ever-so-long offseason days of no college basketball news, to a plethora of summer transfers, to a ton of pieces talking about how great Kyle Wiltjer is going to be, and now we have finally arrived. Tonight, Gonzaga men's basketball season finally starts.

Sort of.

This is an exhibition game. There are plenty of questions on this season that need to be answered and what better way to answer said questions than by playing overwhelmed competition.

So join in on the gamethread below. Let's talk, be merry, have fun, and most importantly, root for the Zags.

Also, please don't post links for illegal streams in the comment section -- that isn't very kosher.