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2016 Recruiting: From the mouth of Zach Norvell

Here are just a few of the quotables from the newest member of the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs got a huge lift in what is shaping up to be a stellar recruiting class of 2016 after four-star shooting guard Zach Norvell committed on Monday.

Norvell comes from Simeon High School in Chicago -- the same school that produced a couple of guys by the name of Jabari Parker and Derrick Rose. The Bulldogs have been on Norvell hard, and that persistence paid off. Norvell's stock rose during a high profile game over the summer where he scored 53 points and drained 14 three-pointers in the process.

The lefty is known for his quickness and vision on the open court. He is also a sizable guard, something the Bulldogs often don't have. Norvell is now listed at 6'6, 185 pounds and he can also play the point guard position at times, as he was forced into the role last season. But, enough about what he does. How about what he says?

It is no secret that one of the bigger keys to the success of the Gonzaga Basketball program is the camaraderie instilled in all of the players. I'm sure it isn't honestly that much different from many other programs, but it comes from players' mouths time and time again -- the Gonzaga locker room is a great one to be in.

Norvell also seems to agree. An article by Bob Narang with the Chicago Tribune has some great quotes form Norvell after he declared his commitment. Let's break them down.

Re: how his announcement went down.

"I didn't want all this big-time attention. I wanted to get the pressure off my back and focus on winning the city and state championship this year. That's my main focus this year. I didn't want a big-time press conference. I was fine with a quiet way."

Humble and with a tweet. Also someone focused on what is in front of him and not what is coming down the road. Sounds like someone who belongs in Spokane.

Re: why he chose Gonzaga.

"The coaching staff and the guys that are going to be at Gonzaga next year and their tradition of winning meant something to me. Gonzaga is like Simeon. That was one of the reasons I went to Simeon: they have a good tradition of winning and developing guys. You want to be a part of a life-long program."

Recruiting definitely gets easier after going to the NCAA Tournament every year since the incoming player has been alive.

Re: any other reasons?

"I'm excited to be a part of that. They also have an amazing fan base. It's crazy out there."

Damn straight.