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Battle for Atlantis: Dogfight in Paradise

Free Ira Brown welcomes a Husky Fan for an in depth discussion of this rivalry and the upcoming tilt

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Wait...what's that?! Good God! That's Free Ira Brown's music!!!

That's right it's a brand new Free Ira Brown! In our latest and greatest episode (Season 2, Episode 6), our heroes look back on a pair of convincing(ish) 40-point wins over Norther Arizona & Mount St. Mary's. Oh yeah, spoiler alert: it turns out this Sabonis guy might turn out to be a half-decent player. We should probably keep an eye on him going forward. Also, and, don't know if you've heard , but Mount St. Mary's has been in the NCAA Tournament more recently than the other Saint Mary's. Just putting that out there.

Those stories, plus we look ahead to GU's trip to the Caribbean for the Battle 4 Atlantis. And what is the logical next step for a team which just traveled 2,676 miles from Washington to paradise? Why, to play the second-best team from Washington, of course! No, no, Eastern Washington isn't coming to the Bahamas. No, not Wazzu, either. No, sorry, Whitworth is still Division III. It is, of course, the Hucking Fuskies!! The boys get you prepared for the intensity of this cross-country rivalry by going all Demi Moore and chatting with the enemy. We sit down with Scott Buyserie, a H*sky alum and fan who helps us break down the rivalry, why did it stop, why is it starting back up, what is the current state of the H*sky program and, most importantly, can UW actually give Gonzaga a game?

We also look ahead to both Texas and Texas A & M and take a quick glance at the other teams in the field. All this and more in the latest edition of Free Ira Brown, THE Gonzaga Hoops Podcast. Tune in or be the guy who brings corn pudding to Thanksgiving. You don't want to be that guy.

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