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Battle 4 Atlantis: TV times, schedule and bracket

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are getting all up in our family time with a bunch of games over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Battle 4 Atlantis features a prime slate of competition, highlighted by the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Outside of the early Christmas present that is the UW game, the holiday tournament gives Gonzaga some solid chances at bolstering that RPI for the winter season to come.

Here are the KenPom rankings of all the teams involved.

Gonzaga 6
Washington 98
Texas A&M 29
Texas 42
Michigan 37
UConn 25
Charlotte 274
Syracuse 36

The future time zone for the games don't make many of the times optimal for most fans to navigate throughout family time. Most games will be before the noon hour, and if not, then prime in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily, Thanksgiving is one of the prime holidays for just sitting around and doing nothing.

Gonzaga has the potential for some nice boosts in the form of Texas and UConn. Many people are predicting this is Gonzaga's tournament to lose, but it will also be the first time many of us have seen the Bulldogs against stiff competition on a actual playable court.

Here is the bracket for the Tournament.


Finally, the schedule and TV times.

Nov. 25
Game 1: Gonzaga vs. Washington, 9:00 am PT, ESPN
Game 2: Charlotte vs. Syracuse, 11:30 am PT, ESPN
Game 3: Texas A&M vs. Texas, 4:00 pm PT, AXS TV
Game 4: Michigan vs. Connecticut, 9630 pm PT, AXS TV

Nov. 26:
Game 5: Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 3, 10:00 am PT, ESPN
Game 6: Winner of Game 2 vs. Winner of Game 4, 12:30 pm PT, ESPN
Game 7: Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 3, 4:00 pm PT, AXS TV
Game 8: Loser of Game 2 vs. Loser of Game 4, 6:30 pm PT, AXS TV

Nov. 27:
Championship: Winner of Game 5 vs. Winner of Game 6, 12:00 pm PT, ESPN
3rd/4th Place: Loser of Game 5 vs. Loser of Game 6, 9:30 am PT, ESPN
5th/6th Place: Winner of Game 7 vs. Winner of Game 8, 4 pm PT, AXS TV
7th/8th Place: Loser of Game 7 vs. Loser of Game 8, 6:30 pm PT, AXS TV