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Gonzaga vs. Mount St. Mary's: Open game thread

Gonzaga (1-0) vs. Mount St. Mary's (0-3).

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Forget college football! It is college basketball season!

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are here to help us embrace the fall sunshine as they have their second game of the season against Mount St. Mary's.

True fact: Did you know that Mount St. Mary's has been in the NCAA Tournament more recently than the other Saint Mary's?

Next fact: Gonzaga's first game next week is against those pesky Washington Huskies. It is quite hard not to look past this game, but that is the task at hand.

A preview of the Mount Saint Mary's Mountaineers is here. If you need a reminder on how and where to watch the game, you can find that here.

Most importantly, find your way down into the comments section of this gamethread and lets hang out. If you are new to the site, create a user, and join in. I promise you will have some fun.

Go Zags!