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Gonzaga vs. Northern Arizona: Open game thread

Gonzaga (0-0) vs. Northern Arizona (0-2).

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Classes may have been cancelled today but you know that Gonzaga has its priorities set straight by making sure the Gonzaga Bulldogs were able to play the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks today.

We will finally be able to witness 40 straight minutes of pure, unadulterated basketball, and finally be able to reconvene with what this Gonzaga team is made of. No longer will our fanposts be filled with conjecture of how the big three performs while playing on an ice rink. No longer will we wonder if our backcourt will be able to knock down any shots. We will finally have solid, visual evidence of how the Gonzaga Bulldogs look this season.

A preview of the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks is here. If you need a reminder on how to watch the game, you can find that here.

Most importantly, find your way down into the comments section of this gamethread and lets hang out. If you are new to the site, create a user, and join in. I promise you will have some fun.

Go Zags!