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Gonzaga vs. Northern Arizona: TV time, radio, and how to watch online

The Gonzaga Bulldogs open their season once again!

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Alright folks! Time to invite your friends and family over and sit their asses down in front of the television, because theoretically, later today, we will get to watch at least 40 minutes of Gonzaga basketball!

Of course, things might go awry. The game could get called after a mere five minutes after tip-off. A freak snowstorm could hit and open a hole in the roof of the McCarthey Athletic Center and instead of extreme humidity it will be extreme chill to deal with.

Or, maybe things will go just right and we will get 40 minutes of uninterrupted (except for commercials and timeouts) basketball. Or, maybe things will go a bit wrong and we will get overtime included. This evening, all the possibilities are there!

Game info

Time: 6:00 pm PT


Radio: KGA 1510 AM (Spokane), KIXI 880 AM (Seattle), KUIK AM 1360 (Portland)