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The Slippery Still Fits

A couple of thoughts after a second viewing. You can't be too critical about 20 minutes of basketball on a literally unplayable floor, but a few problems need to be addressed before the next ESPN event.

Harry How/Getty Images

First off, thank you Refs for canceling the game.  It was only a matter of time before someone blew out a knee or suffered a concussion.

HELP WANTED  - Three point shooting guard for Big 3 offense:  Entry pass to Karno denied because guard backed off Perkins.  If teams don't respect guards outside shot, packed zones will prevent Karno and Sabonis from operating and stagnate big 3 offense (a bad thing?).  Melson showed confidence and skill on floaters; start hitting 3's and you could start.

On the bright side:  Big 3 playing for only a few minutes at start of game, offensive boost when GU returns to big 2.  Planned genius or damn lucky?

Karno wins the tip but has first two shots blocked, a jumping quota?  Lose the tip and save it for offense big fella.

Pretty good GU defense:  Guards looked tough, bigs challanged shots, Pitt forced to play one-on-one.  Unfortunately, Pitt was very good at playing one-on-one; Young made great drives, the rest hit some very nice threes.  We were a one dry floor away from a very exciting 2nd half.


Assists:  We start two point guards but Dranginis comes in and has more assists than both combined on some very sweet passes.  Good on ya Draino!  Tough night and they played great last Saturday, so gonna give Perkins and EMac a pass. (pass, see what I did there, we were talking about assists, oh never mind)

Someone under 6'10" has to hit a three (yeah I know Draino).  Hopefully more than one.  If not, fire away Karno.

Turnovers:  Bad passes by Karno, Draino, and Perkins, a travel by EMac, two charges (questionable).  If GU can't take care of the ball a lot of close games will slip away. (slip, see what I did there, turnovers and the floor, oh never mind)

Free throws 42.9%: 0 for 3 from Perkins and EMac.  Guards who aren't three point threats but are good scorers at the rim must hit their free throws.  Karno was his usual 1 for 2, seek him out if you need advice.

Sabonis:  He strong like bull.  Showing no back injury ill-effects, he was fired up and bad a**ed.  4 for 4, 5 rebounds.

Wiltjer:  Unstoppable.  Hopefully he doesn't hurt his back because he might have to carry an entire team.

Up Next:  Two home games against lesser opponents.  Rest up, tune-up and figure things out.  A loss against Pitt would have been bad, a loss against UW unforgivable.