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The Slipper Still Fits needs a new manager and some new writers. Come join our team!

If you love writing and the Bulldogs, join our team

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you've seen the note that our previous fearless leaders will be off to try something new. We wish Zach and Max the very best, and thank them for everything they have done for the site.

But that means that we're looking for some new faces and new voices to keep this excellent site going. We are looking for both a new site manager, and new site contributors. If you love Gonzaga, sportswriting, blogging, and building a great community, we want to talk to you.

Here is what site managers do:

  • Make sure that the site publishes every day
  • Run STS's Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Recruit, train and schedule new contributors
  • Regularly write about Gonzaga athletics
Our site managers are paid a monthly stipend. If you're not sure about the commitment for running a site, and just want a place to write about Gonzaga, feel free to apply as a site contributor.

Our ideal candidates:

  • Have strong knowledge about Gonzaga, both current and historical.
  • Possess strong writing skills.
  • Have a nose for news, both in knowing what is important and identifying where to find it.
  • Are able to write and publish quickly while remaining accurate.
  • Are self-starters who can work with minimal direction.
  • Possess solid social media skills, especially on Twitter.
  • Are comfortable working in a virtual environment.

Previous writing experience is preferred, but not required. If you'd like to join our team, or would just like more information, please email a resume (and a writing sample) to