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Saying goodbye to Slipper Still Fits

Thank you for all the love and great banter over the years...

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We wanted to take a brief moment to let everyone know that Max and I will no longer be leading the charge at Slipper Still Fits.

This site has been a huge part of our lives over the past seven years and we mainly just wanted to express our deep, deep gratitude to everyone that has checked out the site during this great time.  We like to believe that we have made a positive impact in the Gonzaga community and have, at least, given you a place to vent about one of your greatest passions.

So many tremendous memories stand out for us over our years here.  We have broken recruit comments (hey, Sam Dower) and have covered Elite 8 runs (hey, last year) but the fondest memories we have are simply bantering back and forth about what the heck Mark Few was doing with substitution patterns or figuring out what recruit was going to be on campus when and where they would be.

As for Max and I, we aren't really going anywhere.  Without giving all the details away, we simply couldn't really come to an agreement about the future of the site with the folks at SB Nation (who are truly awesome) and so we will be moving on.  We are exploring our options at this time but will still be bringing you our thoughts and recruiting news at our new Twitter handle:


We hope to have a new site up in running in the coming weeks or months but will be taking some time to enjoy our newborn boys (yep, we each have one!) and screaming about Gonzaga basketball from our couches and, of course, new Twitter handle.

Again, thank you!  And be sure to give us a 'new' follow over at: @ZagsWillMarch