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Gonzaga leap up to top three in both AP and coaches poll.

The sky is the limit for Gonzaga as it rumbles through WCC play.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Following a weekend of discontent amongst the top 25 teams in the nation, Gonzaga rose into the top three in the latest AP poll released on Monday.

The time was ripe for Gonzaga to plow its way up the rankings. Standard voting mentality remains to punish teams that lose and reward teams that win. That is exactly what happened within the past week. Duke fell to NC State and Wisconsin lost to Rutgers. Even Kentucky, after needing three overtimes to secure two wins, lost a bit of luster with Virginia securing two votes.

Meanwhile, the Zags continued to take care of WCC business. Gonzaga dropped San Francisco by 31-points and put a 22-point hurt on Santa Clara. In a year where Gonzaga has more than stepped up in the WCC, winning its first five conference games by an average of 16.8 points, the theoretically idea of a No. 1 ranking might be possible ... although a bit ridiculous.

The Zags look more and more likely to run the table, especially with the hardest portion of the conference schedule out of the way. If Gonzaga wins out, they could eventually garner the No. 1 seed for the second time in school history. Then again, that would also require a loss by Kentucky and a collectively brief moment of insanity by the entire voting committee. But still -- one can dream!

Here are the full rankings.

AP Poll Coaches Poll
1 Kentucky (63) 1 Kentucky (31)
2 Virginia (2) 2 Virginia (1)
3 Gonzaga 3 Gonzaga
4 Duke 4 Duke
5 Villanova 5 Villanova
6 Louisville 6 Wisconsin
7 Wisconsin 7 Louisville
8 Utah 8 Utah
9 Kansas 9 Arizona
10 Arizona 10 Kansas
11 Iowa State 11 Maryland
12 Notre Dame 12 Notre Dame
13 Wichita State 13 Iowa State
14 Maryland 14 Wichita State
15 North Carolina 15 West Virginia
16 West Virginia 16 North Carolina
17 VCU 17 VCU
18 Oklahoma 18 Oklahoma
19 Arkansas 19 Arkansas
20 Texas 20 Texas
21 Seton Hall 21 Seton Hall
22 Baylor 22 Northern Iowa
23 Northern Iowa 23 Baylor
24 Oklahoma State 24 Oklahoma State
25 Wyoming 25 Ohio State