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2015 Gonzaga Men's Basketball Recruiting Big Board: Version 1.0

AAU basketball is here and, with it, comes a whole new list of prospects to learn about...

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After locking in a top-20 rated 2014 recruiting class, the staff has hit the road once again to start solidifying their 2015 prospects.  After this coming season, the Bulldogs will lose four-year starting guards Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell along with Gerard Coleman.  The 2014 class was the staff's attempt to backfill for those losses as Josh Perkins, Silas Melson, and Bryan Alberts should hopefully be ready to take the reins once they depart.  As we look at the current prospect list for 2015, it is clear there are some priorities but the list of potential Zags remains very long as the staff is still evaluating.  With that, let's take a look at some of the prospects that we will be paying attention to this offseason.  Some of my takeaways will follow the big board...


Don't expect Small to go Gonzaga

I'm a big advocate for Gonzaga getting a point guard in 2015 but don't expect it to be Small.  The staff has seemingly prioritized other prospect and, to be honest, they have not had a lot of time to focus on 2015 given the 2014 class and some of the recent transfer news.  That said, Small is a high level point guard that will likely be playing at Oregon or San Diego State.

The wing / scoring guard pipeline is strong

All five of the prospects we have in that category are high level prospects.  While some are more prototypical wings (Murray, Grimes) and some are true off guards (Hemsley), they are all super talented and will be courted by a who's who list of programs.  Gonzaga has been all over Dejounte Murray for quite some time now and have recently been turnings things up on Stephen Thompson Jr. and Nate Grimes.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Gonzaga get very aggressive with this bunch.

The bigs pipeline is very much in its infancy

I will be honest - it is an odd collection of prospects thus far.  There is some big time talent - especially Sharma - but I think we will continue to see this list develop during the summer.  Dragovic and Rakocevic are very intriguing to me as they appear to have great size and very solid skills and are still very much under the radar.  As always, don't be surprised if Gonzaga has some things in the works overseas.

Which prospects jump out to you? Did I miss anyone? Share your thoughts below!