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Matisse Thybulle Talks Official Visit

Where do things stand with the priority Gonzaga target?

This past weekend, Gonzaga hosted its top target for the 2015 class, as Matisse Thybulle took his official visit to Spokane. Thybulle, who stars at Eastside Catholic, has emerged as the priority wing option for the Zags, as the coaching staff believes he fills a key position of need and is the type of athlete they have a ton of success with.

Heading into the visit, Thybulle really was looking to get a feel for the team and the coaching staff. Not surprisingly, this ended up being a highlight of the trip for him.

"I'd say the team and the relationship with the coaching staff," the 2015 recruit mentioned as something that stood out. "I really enjoyed being around all the coaches and the guys on the team. They have a really good family feel."

Having not spent any time with team when he was in Spokane this summer, Thybulle was a bit surprised how well he meshed with the group.

"I had seen them around on my visit, but I didn't get a chance to hang with them," Matisse explained. "Being able to meet and get to know the whole coaching staff and seeing how I was able to get along with them and the whole team stood out."

One key part of the visit was the opportunity to sit down with some of the freshman on the team so he could get to know them better.

"I definitely got the chance to see and talk with Josh (Perkins) and Silas (Melson). That was good just because they just got doing going through the same thing I am. We talked about the recruiting process and it was good getting their perspective on everything."

The Gonzaga target also got a chance to get a feel for Coach Few and the relationship he shares with the team.

"I definitely got to see how they interacted," Thybulle revealed. "I thought the coaches and players had a really good relationship and saw that they hang out together like they are family. Even though he is the head coach, I felt like you could go talk to Coach Few about anything, not just basketball."

Before making his decision, the Eastside Catholic star will make a visit to UW. After that, he hopes to make a quick decision.

"I would say that I want to just see what their team is live," Matisse said of the reason he is visiting UW. "I know the academics and the basketball side of what they are trying to do, but I don't know the team and I don't what it's like for them to be around Coach Romar."