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Bennie Boatwright Emerges As Main Target For Gonzaga

With a small class planned for 2015, Gonzaga has identified Bennie Boatwright as a key recruit.

With one of the most talented recruiting classes in school history beginning to arrive on campus already, the Gonzaga staff knows it can be selective with the 2015 recruiting class. This could prove to be an advantage for the staff, as they can focus on ideal talent fits for the future.

One recruit that has emerged as a key priority for the staff is the versatile Bennie Boatwright. Boatwright, is one of the elite scoring forwards in the 2015 class and has been on the radar of Donny Daniels since his sophomore year of high school. We recently caught up with Bennie Boatwright Sr. to discuss where everything stands with the recruitment of his son.

The Zags have had great success with players like Bennie, and the belief is that his skill set would fit in great with the Gonzaga system.

"He would fit into the system as a perimeter player," Boatwright Sr. explained. "On the visit, he talked to Adam Morrison and they (coaching staff) showed us a video on how they would use Bennie. He also can go in the paint and get physical and rebound."

The Boatwright's recently visited UW, Washington St. and Gonzaga. Each visit seemed to have it's own highlights.

"It was a nice visit," Boatwright St. said of his time in Spokane. "We stayed at the Davenport. We went off campus a little bit and everybody in the city had good things to say about the school and the program. All three schools had pros and cons. UW was in a great city and Lorenzo is a good coach. The thing about all three schools is they have coaches who have had tenure, including Ernie Kent at Oregon, and they have all been around."

"With Gonzaga, you know Gonzaga wins. You know the system is solid and they have been successful for a long time."

Not surprisingly, all three schools are among those recruiting Bennie the hardest.

"Washington, Washington St., Gonzaga, Arizona St., Cal, UCLA, USC and UConn are coming the hardest. Location doesn't matter for us."

Boatwright St. and his son do have plans for one unofficial visit, as well as know one school that will get an official visit.

"We are going to try and get to Cal before the end of the summer. Gonzaga will for sure get one of the official visits."

Gonzaga does present a unique opportunity for Bennie, as it would allow him to connect with his close friend, incoming recruit Bryan Alberts.

"Bryan and Bennie are very close, and that is an important factor in Bennie's interest in Gonzaga," Boatwright Sr. explained. "Bryan is a multi-talented guard who can play the 1 and 2. He is athletic, and he can pass and shoot the ball well."

With the AAU season about to pick up again, the younger Boatwright has been working on his game. He is currently playing in the College League at the prestigious Summer Jam at Canoga Park and is working on his game with Dave Wilson. Boatwright will have a packed summer playing for Gamepoint Nation.