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Utah Talent On Gonzaga Radar: Part Two

Makol Mawien, a big man from Utah, is on the #ZagClass15 radar.

In the first part of our series with Utah Prospects head coach Lynn Lloyd, we broke down Gonzaga commit Jesse Wade However, Wade isn't the only member of the Utah Prospects firmly on the Zags radar, as big man Makol Mawien has become a legitimate target. For more on the raw big man, we talked to his head coach to learn about how he burst on to the national radar and what schools are standing out.

We want to again thank Coach Lloyd for taking the time to provide this great insight:

TSSF: While Makol has been labeled as a raw prospect with a ton of potential, how much growth have you seen from him in terms of improving his skill over the past year?

Coach Lloyd: Makol is quite a story. No other AAU program really pursued him. We could see his great potential. Now he is rated by some the top prospect in the state. He wasn't even on that list two summers ago! He runs well, has great hands, and is a tireless worker. He asks for help, asks lots of questions, and has a great desire to be play basketball at the collegiate level. He is also a great young man.

TSSF: What are the biggest strengths that Makol brings to the court? How do you see his game translating and growing at the next level?

Coach Lloyd: Makol will be a great rebounder and rim protector in college. He accomplishes these skills through hard work. He is developing an offensive game now, and will continue to improve. He has come a long way at the offensive end. He had a high school game where he hit 5 three pointers. He has great bounce and strength even though he is thin. He shoots free throws very well. Most of his improvement will come when he finalizes a 'go to' move which we are working on now.

TSSF: How much does Jesse being committed to Gonzaga and the opportunity for them to play together after Jesse returns from his mission impact Makol in his decision-making?

Coach Lloyd: Honestly, I don't see Jesse attending Gonzaga having much to do with his decision. Makol is very good friends with Brekkott Chapman who will play at Utah. Brekkott also played for Utah Prospects. Makol is also very close to another Prospect player, who has yet to decide on a college. I am sure Makol will play with one of these three kids.  Makol is very quiet, smart, and will be a great addition to where he decides to play.

Bonus Question:

TSSF: Are there any members of the 2016 or 2017 class in your program that you think have the potential to be target for a program like Gonzaga? Have the Zags been actively recruiting any of them?

Coach Lloyd: Our 2016 team is loaded. One national top 50 kid committed to BYU Already, PG Frank Jackson. Gonzaga is not involved with any of these kids yet, but they will be soon. Yoeli Child's, 6'8" big body, great hands and feet. Connor Harding, 6'6" SG who can really shoot it. Gavin Baxter, 6'7" wing with 7'2" wingspan, great bounce!