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Help Wanted: Slipper Still Fits Is Looking For More Writers!

Want to write about the Zags? Of course you do! Read on for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Ethan Miller

We know that the passion of the Gonzaga fanbase runs deep and we are looking to taken advantage of that by adding several new writers this offseason to bolster our coverage of everything Zags. We are looking for writers in all shapes and sizes, whether you are long-time fan that is looking to write about your favorite team or if you are a journalism student hoping to add to your resume while writing about the best program around. In general, we would love to find folks that are willing to write about the following:

1. Women's basketball. We've covered men's hoops from top to bottom here at SSF but have never had a constant pulse on the women's club. Kelly Graves built a great program and even though he moved on to Oregon, it is clear the women's team has collected a large following that we would like to provide a voice for.

2. Student voice. We are several years removed from gracing the lovely grounds of Gonzaga University (insert a gif of me sobbing here) and that is a voice we have missed for some time. We know their is no passion for the program like that of a Gonzaga student so we would love to have a few writers that can capture the pulse of the student body. Major bonus points if you can emulate Max and me from our days at Gonzaga and figure out where recruits are during their visit to GU.

3. General hoops coverage. We'll be a bit more selective with this one but if you can commit to routine posting and have a good knowledge of Gonzaga hoops and its history, we'd love to have you on board.

Those are the main subjects we are looking for but if you have other ideas in mind, do not hesitate to reach out! The ideal candidate would possess the following:

- Strong knowledge of Gonzaga and the history of the program
- Able to commit time to post 1-2 articles per week at minimum
- Possess strong writing skills. Prior experience isn't a must but must be able to write coherently with solid grammar
- Able to keep the pulse of the program and report on news quickly and factually
- Able to write within our best practices and promote a quality community environment

Big picture, you don't need to be competing for a Pulitzer anytime soon. That said, you need to have a good attitude and have a general sense of grammar to come aboard. A strong work ethic is also an absolute must.

If any of this sounds good to you, awesome! Feel free to reach out to us at No need to submit a detailed resume or anything like that but a quick background on yourself as well as any writing samples would be hugely helpful in getting the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you!!!