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Done Deal: Domantas Sabonis Signs With Gonzaga

Tommy Lloyd has once again landed an elite international prospect...

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I wouldn't call it a saga but it was reaching that point as Gonzaga fans across the world waiting on pins and needles for the Domantas Sabonis decision.  For weeks we have heard about a variety of deadlines that came and went but today, the good news finally came through as we have confirmed that Sabonis has singed on the dotted line with Gonzaga.

Earlier this week, Domantas' father, the legendary Arvydas Sabonis, said that his son was likely to play for Gonzaga next season in a television interview.  Yesterday, Domantas informed his professional club, Unicaja, that he would not be returning next season.  Today, the two Sabonis comments came together as we learned that Domantas will be a Zag next season.

By all accounts, Gonzaga is getting one of the top prospects in all of Europe. Sabonis made history by being the youngest players to play in the Spanish professional league and he has been garnering solid minutes but not to the level that he or his father wanted to see.  In addition to that, there is the lure of playing in the United States, getting an education, and having a clearer path to the NBA.  All those factors weighed into his choice.

While his last name is Sabonis, Domantas is a much different player than his dad was.  At 6'11'', 215 lbs, Sabonis is a true Euro big that is exceedingly skilled and can score in a variety of ways.  The common thought is that he would be a blue-chip prospect had he played in the states.  Here is some reaction from around the Twitter world...