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2014 NCAA Tournament: Gonzaga's Press Conference From San Diego

Watch as the Zags answer a whole host of loaded questions...

The Gonzaga men's basketball team has descended upon San Diego for the Round of 64. While virtually the entire country is picking Oklahoma State, the Zags find themselves in a few cozy position. They are completely under the radar even though they are the higher seed in this matchup.

In this video, Sam Dower, Kevin Pangos, and David Stockton answer questions that range from what their expectations are and how they handle those to how they plan to stop Marcus Smart. Obviously neither one of those questions are easily answered in a two-minute soundbite but I think the guys handle it all in stride.

Overall, it looks like a very calm and collected team heading into this matchup. With Dower, Stockton, and Pangos as the leaders along with Gary Bell, I think it is a group that has seen it's fair share of triumphs and heartbreaks which should be crucial as this team hits the floor tomorrow.