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Demetri Goodson Is In The NFL Combine, Let's Relive Some Glory!

The former Gonzaga point guard is likely to hear his name called in the approaching NFL Draft...

Christian Petersen

If you have been reading our work for some time, you know that we have a soft spot for Demetri Goodson.  While he was at Gonzaga, the speedy point guard was much maligned by the fanbase but as a fan that has seen a whole lot of heartbreaking Gonzaga games in person, I will forever love Meech for this:

I drove from Spokane to Portland to see this beautiful result in person.  I've only seen two Gonzaga wins live outside of the city of Spokane and have seen two of the most depressing losses: UCLA (still makes my stomach hurt) and Butler from last year.

Not only do I love Meech for the above video, but I really commend his decision to go play football after taking several years off from the sport.  He's now an invited guest at the NFL Combine and is one of top 30 or 40 cornerbacks in the draft class.  He should be a mid-to-late round pick.

Oh, and did we mention he was speedy: